We’ve All Got to Go Somewhere

female, male/female, male restroom sign

female, male/female, male restroom signThe big news around here lately has been the failure of the Charlotte City Council to pass an anti-discrimination bill. The most contentious element of the bill would have allowed transgender individuals to use the public restroom of their choice (ie, a woman transitioning from female to male could use the men’s room, and vice versa). People – especially the religious right – had a HUGE problem with this. This sector of the population feels that this opens up our “women and children” to unnecessary danger from men who might pose as transgender in order to assault, molest, or rape.

This is the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. If someone, male or female, wants to assault, molest, or rape anyone, no sign on a bathroom door is going to stop them. Especially if that someone is devious enough to go to the trouble of posing as transgender. Also, it doesn’t take into account the fact that a transgender person is already likely to be using the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. If someone dresses like a woman, acts like a woman, and says she is a woman, SHE’S A WOMAN. Short of asking someone to whip it out – or not, as the case may be – there is no other way to gather evidence against the statement of womanhood.

And asking someone to whip it out is still illegal.

And let us not forget the irony that comes from religious leaders making these assertions, considering sexual abuse is nearly synonymous with “clergy”. I’m more afraid to be alone with a priest than I am of a male-transitioning-to-female using the women’s restroom.

Another thought occurred to me. Let’s imagine the following conversation.

Me: Does God make mistakes?

RR: No.

Me: Did God make everyone?

RR: Yes.

Me: So, God made gay people.

RR: Well, yes, but —

Me: No buts. God made gay people. God also made transgender people.

RR: Yes, but still —

Me: Stop it. You can’t qualify it. God made everyone. God doesn’t make mistakes. Therefore, if people are gay, that’s okay. If they’re trans, that’s okay, too. Because God does not make mistakes.

People in religious fervor throw around the word “abomination” without much consideration. Homosexuality is an “abomination”. Transgender-ism is an “abomination.”

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

If God doesn’t make mistakes, then God had a perfect reason to make everyone as they are – gay, straight, trans, whatever. And I’m relatively certain that the reason wasn’t to engender hate. In fact, I’m positive the real reason was to force us puny humans to accept and embrace that of which we are scared.

And here’s another thought for our puny human brains: If God is neither male nor female, doesn’t that make God the ultimate transgender?

*mic drop*

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