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The Duggars

I have never shied away from my distaste of the Duggar clan. I feel that they, and families like theirs that reproduce without limits, without intelligent forethought, are irresponsible and a drain on resources. In today’s society and economy, it is cruel to bring child after child into the world, when there are literally hundreds upon thousands without loving homes and families.

The Duggars are part of a religious subculture known as Quiverfull, the primary tenet of which that children are a gift from God, and opposes the use of birth control or, really, family planning in any form.

According to this Wikipedia entry, Quiverfull proponents Rick and Jan Hess asked if we would reject gifts from God such as money or good health. Allow me to play Devil’s advocate: A true “gift” requires no effort whatsoever on the part of the recipient. In terms of the material goods, this generally means that the gift-giver picks out, purchases, and delivers the gift, all without the recipient lifting a proverbial finger.

Of course, sex isn’t exactly work (or maybe it is, depending on your partner), but still it is an effort put forth on the part of the recipients of this gift – the gift being a child. So when the Hesses suggest that people should not reject the gift of a child, they should be referring to the child as a blessing.

A child as gift from God would mean, to my logical and literal mind, which likes to provoke the religious right into argument, that the child must be like Jesus. That is, immaculately conceived.

By all means, if God impregnates you miraculously, without the benefit of traditional sexual intercourse, you should definitely not reject that gift. There is a no return policy on immaculate conception.

Getting pregnant or impregnating a woman again and again and again and again is reckless and selfish.

Culture, or Cult?

The Duggar family when Jim Bob wanted to be a politician.

The Duggar family when Jim Bob wanted to be a politician.

Screenshot from "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"

Screenshot from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

I also find fault with terming Quiverfull as a “subculture.” That behavior and way of thinking has “cult” written all over it. Look at the way the Duggar women dressed and styled their hair before TLC stylists stuck their fingers in that particular pot. The long hair-sack dress combination is so synonymous with cult life that a cult parody is incomplete without it.

And, if the allegations arising about eldest son Josh Duggar don’t reinforce the idea of Quiverfull being a cult…well, you just aren’t paying attention.

The Prodigal

This supposedly Christian family allowed Josh Duggar to get away with a heinous crime. I don’t claim to know all the facts, but there is good evidence that at least some of his molestation victims were his siblings. So, if assume that the evidence is correct and Josh did molest his sisters, then the Duggar parents protected him – the boy – while sacrificing his victims – presumably all female. Not only did the parents protect him, when Daddy Duggar confessed his son’s “sin” to their church, they, too, bided their time before contacting any authorities. Ya know, just long enough so that the statute of limitations expired and Josh-y could no longer be prosecuted for his crime.

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar

Now these crazy right wingers are coming out of the woodwork defending Josh because he “confessed his sin to God” and “God forgave him.”

What. The. Frack.

My first issue is with these people constantly referring to it as a “sin”. Yes, it is a sin, but it is also a crime. We put pedophiles in jail. Dick Wolf built an entire arm of the Law & Order franchise around this fact. Pedophiles are well-known to be the low men on the totem pole in prison life, subject to abuse from other inmates, of a physical and sexual nature.

Dude, when even the murderers look down on you…whoa.

Secondly, the issue of God’s forgiveness is personal, between the offender and his deity. If a clergy member offers forgiveness, it is that person speaking for God, so still between the offender and his God. In Catholicism, confession is a sacred rite, and the conversations between the priest and the confessor are considered privilege. But, a) the Duggars aren’t Catholic, and b) we all know the Catholic reputation with pedophilia.

Consider me a heretic if you must, but the fact that God has apparently forgive Josh Duggar DOES NOT MATTER. Oh, it matters to Josh, but beyond that, it means very little. The only time that will truly matter is when Josh faces his final judgement and must answer for his behavior for eternity.

But that doesn’t mean he does not have to answer for his behavior on Earth. Except that he doesn’t because, conveniently, as I mentioned, that pesky statute of limitations has flown out the window. I saw a comment that said that we (the people) do not get to decide his punishment. This is true, but only because the authorities were not notified and Josh Duggar was not brought before a jury of his peers to face retribution.

It Starts At Home

As bad as Josh’s crime is, I find equal fault with his parents and church. They obstructed justice, yet seem to be facing no charges. Actions speak louder than words, and the Duggar parents clearly said that protecting their son’s reputation was more important than protecting their daughters’ mental and physical health.

To the Duggars, and the Quiverfull like them, women are chattel, good for breeding and not much else. I cannot wait for one of those Duggar girls to finally break free and tell the world that which we all suspect.

Josh Duggar as gotten away with a felony. He has gotten away with stealing the innocence of children, and he has done so with not even a slap on the wrist. On top of that, people are actually defending him. If he were indigent, black, or just not a television personality, would they be doing that? Even if “God forgave him”? Or would they be calling for him to be strung up by his toes, for the statute of limitations to be ignored, throwing him to the wolves in prison?

I think we all know the answer to that,  and it speaks sad volumes about our society.

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