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Ashley Madison header

Ashley Madison header

Not so anonymous now, are we?

I keep trying to dredge up sympathy for people like the Duggars, or the hacked Ashley Madison accounts, or the people who committed suicide because their Ashley Madison accounts were hacked. Seriously, I’m trying. But, a wicked part of me is laughing maniacally. (Except about the suicides. Even I’m not that cold.)

It really is hard to feel any kind of sympathy for the Duggars. Here is a group of people who built their lives upon a now-crumbling bedrock of being holier-than-us. They are so saintly: They didn’t use birth control because they didn’t want to deny any of God’s gifts of children. They’re so chaste: Their daughters don’t even kiss a boy until their wedding ceremonies. They’re so hypocritical.

Is it not enough that their son molested his sisters, and the actions were covered up by his parents and his church? Is it not enough that the victimized sisters were so brainwashed as to think it was no big deal because they were asleep when it happened? Is it not enough that said son’s wife is now being forced to stand by her man, who really isn’t a man, and is something so vile that I cannot think of an adequate euphemism?

No, apparently not, because God said HA! and the Ashley Madison site was hacked. Lo and behold, Josh Duggar is a card-carrying member. Would someone please – PLEASE – inform those right-wing, conservative Christian bigots that it not homosexuality ruining the nuclear family? It’s Ashley Madison.

On a side note, I do feel sympathy for anyone who unfortunately happens to be named Ashley Madison.

Conservative Christians conveniently forget that, while mentioning the few verses where homosexuality is called an “abomination,” not committing adultery is a commandment. A commandment, right up there with don’t murder someone is don’t cheat on your spouse. God burned a bush, parted a sea, and carved it in stone so that Moses could tell his people: DON’T FUCK AROUND ON YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE.

Being gay does not go against a commandment. Interesting, ain’t it? People want to post the Ten Commandments in government buildings and out on the lawns, but forget that there is no, Thou shalt not get busy with a member of the same sex.

If I sound angry, sorry. I’m actually super fucking pissed. See, I have a very visceral reaction to infidelity – real, imagined, fictional, it doesn’t matter. It is the one area of life which I see in stark black and white. I get that there are some extenuating circumstances. Your spouse has dementia or Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know who you are, and has fallen in love with someone in their nursing home. Sure, I get that. Or you married a drunk or an abuser. That is understandable. Although it would be much preferred that you get out of that relationship.

For the record, I am not of the opinion that having a relationship after a divorce constitutes adultery. Sometimes, you got to get the hell out.

I hold no truck, however, with Ashley Madison’s company. You’re not just cheating on your husband or wife; you’re actually paying to cheat on them. Seriously? You made a vow to this person to forsake all others. Know what happens in Harry Potter when you break a vow? YOU DIE.

Maybe we should treat marriage vows like Unbreakable Vows. You know, you break it, you bought it. The farm, that is.

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