Just another day at the SSA office in Charlotte, NC.

Your tax dollars at work

I’m not one of those people who are proud to be collecting government benefits. It is not something I talk about much, but I do it because it is a necessary evil in my life. Realistically, my employment options are limited due to my osteogenesis imperfecta and using a wheelchair, […]

A sampling of stores in the Shop & Earn feature

The Regular Girl’s Guide to Earning Swagbucks

This post contains affiliate links. My last post introduced you to the wonder that is In it, I mentioned that there are those people who turn Swagbuck-ing into a full time job, as well as those who barely earn. However, most of you are probably like me: You don’t […]

Winning Swagbucks

I Got Swag

This post contains affiliate links. Let’s face it. I could not say the title of this post out loud and maintain a straight face. That doesn’t make it any less true. My swag comes from As Swagbucks’ seventh anniversary is coming up next month, I thought I’d let my […]