Words to avoid using when dealing with people with disabilities

It’s all about the wordplay

Labels are hard. Consider racial labels. Have you ever met a black person who is actually black? I’m white, but I’m not white. I’m an interesting combination of golds and pinks. Although after a long winter, I’m closer to white than not. Or, as has come to light in recent […]

Little girl as an adult in a Nationwide commercial

What is it supposed to look like?

Okay, vulnerable post time. Fair warning: This could get messy. I don’t know if it’s because of the way I act, or the way I look, or the fact that I simply got good genes, but most people don’t believe I’m 34. I have genuinely, seriously contemplated lying about my […]

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Wow, you're sure lucky you don't have to walk up all these stairs.

Don’t Say These Things

Being a wheelchair user, I have been on the receiving end of some seriously stupid statements from the bipedal. So, allow me to educate you on those utterances that will give you a permanent case of foot-in-mouth disease. That can be fatal, you know. You’re really good at driving that […]

Mutual Distribution delivery truck on NYE 2014 parked in access aisle

Social Shaming

I am a big fan of social media shaming. Not the kind that hurts kids and leads to teenage suicide. No, I am a proponent of social media shaming that leads to a correction in behavior. Particularly when it comes to people parking illegally in and around accessible parking spots. […]

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2015 I’m Coming For You

If you’re experiencing a sense of deja vu, do not adjust your screen. Yes, I redesigned Bums & Bellybuttons again. I also un-published my old posts to give me a clean slate. Don’t worry, I still have them all, and I’ll trot out the best ones again in the coming […]