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Little girl as an adult in a Nationwide commercial

What is it supposed to look like?

Okay, vulnerable post time. Fair warning: This could get messy. I don’t know if it’s because of the way I act, or the way I look, or the fact that I simply got good genes, but most people don’t believe I’m 34. I have genuinely, seriously contemplated lying about my […]

grayscale of dumbbells

Get Fit Friday

This may or may not become a regular features on Bums & Bellybuttons. I can’t promise with any certainty either way. But, here’s my rationale behind it. I’m fat. I know people say that – and I’m guilty of it, too – to elicit compliments and choruses of “You’re not […]

May 6 is Wishbone Day

Happy Wishbone Day!

Today is Wishbone Day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta Awareness. As you may know, I have OI. But rather than going into a long explanation, I’ll just let Sophia’s video take care of it. It surprised me how much her life is like mine was in kindergarten.

Set of 4 Barbie dolls in different outfits.

I’m A Barbie Girl

Stop. Messing with. My childhood. It has become en vogue to harangue the makers and manufacturers of Barbie for negatively affecting girls’ body image, and giving them unrealistic expectations about what they should look like. That’s a lot of power to give an inanimate object. I was a serious Barbie […]

Mickey Mouse has the measles

Mickey and the Measles

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the measles outbreak that is centered on Disneyland, resulting in multiple measles cases since December 2014. Some of those affected were children too young to be vaccinated; the others were old enough but “chose not to be” vaccinated. This should really be phrased […]