The Regular Girl’s Guide to Earning Swagbucks

A sampling of stores in the Shop & Earn feature

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My last post introduced you to the wonder that is In it, I mentioned that there are those people who turn Swagbuck-ing into a full time job, as well as those who barely earn. However, most of you are probably like me: You don’t need to make a living off of it, but you’d like to have something to show for your efforts.

So, here are my tips to making a solid showing off of Swagbucks, without it taking up all of your time.

Tip #1: Don’t be too much of an overachiever

Screenshot showing my Daily Goal and Bonus for 1/16/15

Daily Goal and Bonus

Screenshot showing my Total Goal and Total Bonus for 1/16/15

Bonus Goal (Red)

Each day, every Swagbuck user (AKA Swaggernauts) is given a daily goal and a bonus goal. For every day you earn your goal, you get a bonus of free Swagbucks at the end of the month. If you meet your daily bonus goal, your end-of-the-month bonus will be bigger. Each day you meet your goal counts towards a streak bonus. If you meet one of these streaks, you earn more free bonus Swagbucks on top of the daily bonuses you earn.

Screenshot outlining Winning Streaks

Winning Streaks

Here’s where the tip comes in: Every user’s goals are different, determined by some algorithm that uses past earnings to see what you’re capable of. The more you earn on a regular basis, the higher your daily goals go, and the harder they become to reach. Some times I have really good days and earn two or three times my daily goal, but that is almost never my intention. I strive to reach my daily bonus goal, and that’s it. My goals average somewhere between 100 and 150 Swagbucks a day, which is quite doable. There are users whose goals are somewhere around 600 per day, which, in my opinion, is much more difficult if you’re not willing to a) pay for certain offers or b) provide all your personal information.

So, once you find a sweet spot that you can earn without much difficulty every day, work to stay there. Don’t over earn and jack up your daily goal, because the first day you don’t meet it, all your streaks reset. And it’s nice getting those 300 bonus SBs for making it all month.

Tip #2: Set up a junk email address

A lot of the Swagbuck offers require an email address and confirmation, and most of those aren’t offers you would actually provide your email address for. Have a dedicated email address for these offers, and only check it when you absolutely need to. DO NOT use this junk email address as your email address for Swagbucks. Swagbucks sends offers for surveys, confirmations of Shop & Earn transactions, etc., to the email address on file, so make that is one you check often. ONLY use the junk email to sign up for offers, and check it when an offer requires a confirmation of email receipt. Which brings us to…

Tip #3: Know the terms

Before you complete an offer or sign up for something, know what is expected of you, and what you’ll get. Not all Swagbuck offers credit immediately; some can take hours or days, if not longer. Most will usually say “credit immediately” or “You’ll receive your reward in X”. I usually only complete offers that credit immediately, unless I’ve already met my goal for that day.

Make sure you know exactly how much (or how little) you have to do to earn Swagbucks. For example, from time to time, there will an offer to print a coupon and earn 15 or more SBs. Nine times out of 10, you don’t actually have to print the coupon; keep your printer off, press the print button, and you should still get credited.

Tip #4: It’s the little things

Take a Discovery Break homepage offerOn the surface, it may not seem worth it to participate in an activity or offer that only rewards 1 or 2 SBs. But, they add up! Regular Swaggernauts are very familiar with the guy to the left. Click him and you can generally watch video after video after video ad nauseum for 2 SBs a pop. Repetitive? Definitely. Worth it? Oh, yes.

And don’t forget the Daily Poll and NOSOs. That’s 3 SBs for practically no effort!

Tip #5: Install the apps

I cannot stress enough how important the apps are. There are several, but the ones I use most are the main Swagbucks app and SBTV. The main app allows you to do most of what can be done on the desktop site, plus it alerts you when new Swagcodes (great for bonus SBs) come out, and where to find them.

The SBTV app lets you watch videos on your smartphone or tablet, and for every 5 videos you get 2 SBs. If you do like I do and favorite the 10-second videos and just watch those on repeat, it doesn’t take long to reach the daily limit. (Currently 36 SBs.)

Tip #6: Social media

Swagbucks is on every major social media outlet: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and probably others I don’t know of. They are the best way to be active in the Swagbucks community, which, generally speaking, is a very welcoming place. Need some troubleshooting ideas? They can help with that. Not sure what you’re doing wrong? They’ve been there.

And, speaking of community…

Tip #7: Participate!

At least once a month, there is some sort of group activity that the Swagbucks community takes part in. This includes Swagcode hunts, Swagstravaganzas, or Team Challenges. They reward bonus SBs, and the better the result, the higher the bonus. You don’t need to glue yourself to your computer, but get in there and do what you can. It benefits everyone.

A sampling of stores in the Shop & Earn feature

A sampling of stores in the Shop & Earn feature

Tip #8: Go shopping

What I mean is, if you’re going to shop online anyway, it only takes a minute to check the Shop & Earn page to see if the store is partnered with Swagbucks. Shop through the portal and you can earn cash back in SBs.

It’s worth mentioning that some other shop-and-earn websites offer better deals so, if you use one of those, it’s worth your time to compare what you can get from them and from Swagbucks.

Tip #9: Refer, refer, refer

This is the best way to earn passively. Share your referral link with your friends, and when they sign up, you earn when they earn! Easy!

Tip #10: Nothing is foolproof

Sometimes things don’t work, and the more you keep this in mind, the happier you will be. On forums and social media, there are plenty of users who only gripe about what’s not working, and what they are not getting. Yes, glitches and technical problems are incredibly frustrating. Yes, sometimes Swagcodes come out and we miss out on them because we are working/unavailable/our phones are off. That’s okay. No big deal. Don’t let those things stress you out, or lose sight of what you get out of using Swagbucks.

I mean, really, it’s like FREE MONEY.


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