Meet Laura


Who am I?

Bookworm. Nerd. Graphic designer. Artist. Country music lover. Dog person. Writer. TV junkie. Browncoat. Whovian. Potterphile. All in all, I’m pretty awesome.

I also have osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, and use a wheelchair. If you are also a w/c user, then you know the “bums and bellybuttons” of which I speak. If not, get down on your knees in the middle of a crowded room and check out the view. It’s not very pretty.

Several years ago, I had this idea for a blog that would (sort of) act as a continuation of a column I had in my local newspaper (The Charlotte Observer) in 2004. I used the column as a way to bring attention to what I felt were important issues facing the disabled community. The problem was, after doing it for a year, and hearing some not-so-nice things (Apparently I’m bitter. Who knew?), writing about just these issues got a little…boring.

So, this site is going to be about so much more than just the fact that I am a member of the disabled community, because there is so much more to me than the fact that I use a wheelchair and have this genetic disability. I love to read, so I’ll talk about books. I go to concerts a lot, so you’ll probably hear a few things about music. And I’m as much a TV junkie as I am a bookworm, so there’s that.

“Professionally” speaking, I’m a web and graphic designer, as well as an artist. I sell my original artwork and handmade items at craft shows around Charlotte, and via Etsy, RedBubble, Society6, and DeviantArt virtual storefronts. You can keep up with new pieces, works in progress, and art videos by following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube – all linked at the right.